Monday, February 24, 2014

The situations around us—and what really matters


At first glance, it is a bit of an odd word—until you consider its etymology. First, take “stance,” meaning sense of position or place of feet. “Stance” points us, ultimately, to our situation. When combined with the prefix “circum,” we see how the full word refers to our “surrounding” situation.

As I gain a healthier biblical perspective about God's abundance to me, I've needed to make the transition from looking with judgment at other people’s situations to honestly looking at my own situation before God. I need to be on guard of the way my sinful nature has a tendency to look at other's circumstances and make a judgment call.

When comparing God's abundance to me verses those who appear to have so much more than me, my stance becomes jealous and creates an attitude I'm not proud of. Quite the opposite happens when I look at the circumstances of others who experience much less privilege than I do. Now I feel blessed—almost prideful—
and satisfied with my circumstances. My stance becomes a bit more entitled.  

Both stances are out of line with biblical mandate. God knows my heart, and He desires that I consider my stance before Him alone. My sacrifice of resources should not be about obligation or entitlement, but rather my heartfelt response of obedience and worship.

My circumstances, and yours, don't matter as much as the fact that God knows our hearts and He desires that we offer who we are and what we have fully to him. Furthermore, let’s remember that God's abundance flows to all, though circumstances vary greatly. 

My hope is that today we recognize that everything belongs to the Lord and gratefully manage His resources for the good of His kingdom.    

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  1. Wow Bob! This is absolutely beautiful and so insightful. Thanks for sharing!